October 3, 2010

A Sewing Day ... Finally!!

Yesterday for me was a sewing day - or at least a sewing afternoon.
I've needed to do this for a while and it finally worked for me to get some things off my list. I haven't quite finished the list, but it's now down to just 4 things.

The first photo is actually the progress on my crochet rug. I've finished the 1st ball of purple, the second section of maroon and started on the next ball of blue. I love the way it looks and the contrast between the sections of blue.

The next photo is of the t-shirt that I altered for a clown costume. I ironed on some flower motifs and around the bottom hem I sewed a sequined, decorative trim. I love how it jingles!
The costume is for Good News Gang this week. We are having a special event - Everybody's Birthday. The kids all get to dress up in what they would like to wear if it was actually their birthday. This way we can celebrate all the birthdays for the year without having a separate party for each child.

And finally are the other things I sewed. 2 headbands and a small bag. The bag I got the fabric and ribbon for at a craft show that I went to last year. It's just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together with the ribbon sewn into the seam, then turned right side out. Half the fabric is inside as the lining.
The headbands are just a single length of fabric which I folded in half and sewed up the side. Then I turned the fabric to have right sides out and sewed the ends. The ends are then folded twice over lengthwise and sewn up to make narrower parts for tying.

And that's my carft weekend. I'm now in the process of making some cards. One is using some stamps I recently bought off Ebay.