August 24, 2013

Birthday Cards

I've had a busy afternoon and evening of card making, and here are the results:

This one combines decoupage layers with washi tape.

I tried a new technique with this one, by using blow pens.

Both are for female cousins.

This one is for one of my male cousins.
Normally when I make a card, I just put things together and see how it works out, but for this one I actually roughly sketched it first. The tent and fishing rod are stickers that I purchased so long ago that the adhesive on the back had lost it's stick, so I had to use my own. I cut around the top of each wave on the paper (very fiddly) for the wave effect. The sky was done using chalk and a dauber.

(This post will only appear after their birthdays, as I don't want them to have a sneak peek.)

August 1, 2013