July 26, 2014

A Spot of Mending

I wonder how many people still mend their clothes?
Do you?

I, for one, still do!
During my uni days I darned my socks and mended as much as possible - all by hand - because money was very tight.
These days I still mend, although more often with my sewing machine than by hand.

Once I had a work shirt that had a collar that just didn't sit right and no matter how many times I ironed it, there there still wrinkles. Then one day I realised the collar had been sewn in backwards!! Most people would have put the shirt in the OP Shop - not me! I unpicked it, turned it around and sewed it back on. It finally sat perfectly!

My most recent mending job was to replace the zip on my favourite coat. The problem with zips is that a whole lot of sewing goes on after the zip has been attached  - in this case, the buttons on the flap that conceals the zip and keeps the wind from going through it.
It took me all afternoon to get it done, but finally success!!
I also was able to reinforce the pockets as they had started to come apart.

Please share your mending successes (or nightmares).

July 12, 2014

First Attempt

What can you do with a remnant of 1.4m of tomato red felt and an undetermined length of hessian braid?

Make bunting, of course!!

This was my first attempt at making bunting, and I'm very pleased with the result. It is 8.5m long! I even put hanging loops at the end.
It will be used at work for our circus theme this term!