June 18, 2015

Clutter Books

I recently read 'Clutter Free' by Kathi Lipp (a great read for anyone who struggles with clutter) and that got me motivated once again to do a bit of clearing out. I've also been trying to make sure that all the stuff I have (or in this case, am keeping) actually has a place to live, rather than being piled up around my bedroom (I still live at home, so my only "just for me" space is my bedroom).

For me, de-cluttering is generally not just a time to sort through, discard or donate my stuff, but to get creative and re-purpose things. This has also been coupled with a need for certain things, particularly at work.

In my job in an After School Care Program, we are required to make observations about what the children in our care are doing and are interested in, To make it easier to remember, we carry notebooks with us to write things down as we notice them.

As I looked around my room, I remembered some scrap paper that I had saved. It had been stored away waiting to be  used, so I cut it to size, added some cardboard covers (cardboard was originally packaging), and added some pretty paper to the front from my stash of scrapbooking paper scraps. The only things I used that were new was clear contact to protect the covers and Bind-it-All wires.

I have now made 4 little notebooks - perfect size to slip into a pocket. I'll be taking them to work for myself and my fellow staff members to use. I still have more scrap paper and we still need more notebooks, so I'll probably be making more.

I love being able to de-clutter and be creative at the same time.