January 23, 2008


Does anyone know how to get pencil marks off aida cloth without having to take it off the scroll frame to wash it???

As I stitch, I mark off each square on my pattern with greylead pencil. The problem is that my scroll frame rested on the "coloured" in squares and I know have some of the pencil marks rubbed off onto my aida cloth.

I really don't want to take the work off the scroll frame because I would have to sew it back on, but I do have to get the stains out before I continue stitching on that part of it, because it would be visible in the finished areas.

I really hope someone reads this and has some answers for me.

In case you are wondering I have tried using an eraser designed for use on fabric, but that has left rubber residue and did not really work, in some spots it smudged it further.

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Beth said...

For those who are wondering I have found a solution (of sorts) for this problem.

NordicNeedle.com was suggested to me as having ideas for getting the pencil marks off my aida cloth.

There were a couple of options.
The first one I tried was diluted windex applied with a soft toothbrush. I tested it on a scrap piece first and it worked there so I used it on my main cloth. It worked to some extent, but did not completely remove the stains - I think because they had been there for a while.

The other suggestion involved rubbing alcohol (which I didn't have) and dishwashing detergent. I tried the detergent and it lifted a bit more of the stain that the windex hadn't dealt with.

My advice to you is try to remove stains as soon as you find them. And make sure you rub some fresh water in with the toothbrush as well to remove any detergent residue.