May 28, 2010

Progress on Current Projects

Here is what I've done so far on 'The Lighthouse'.

As you would know from my first post about it, it's not a cross stitch but an applique. And that has posed a big challenge.

The instructions have been difficult to understand - probably because I'm a beginner at this. And then I've complicated matters by changing from doing needle-turn applique as is in the pattern. So the first thing you will notice is that this is backwards compared to the picture in my sidebar.
While this is a mistake according to the pattern, it just makes mine completely unique!

So, what I've done so far is trace and cut out all the pieces and today I assembled them onto the backing fabric. I used a great bonding medium and now I just have to start the blanket stitch to keep everything together.

There is also a bit of embroidery for details, such as the fence, lighthouse windows, lighthouse light and so forth.


I've also been working on 'African Sunset'. That is going well, but I can only stitch it when my sister is away at uni. So for this weekend while she is home, it's safely tucked away.
Sorry, no picture of my progress this time.

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