February 15, 2014

Safari and Baby

No, not combined!

I recently made a card for a friend who was having a baby shower. Inspiration for the card came from 175 Fresh Card Ideas by Kimber McGray, but I have changed things a bit.

My friend loves polka dots, so using the dots embossing folder was perfect. The pram is actually made from some kind of fluffy fabric. And I added white brads to help secure it.

And now for safari time. I did some more on African Sunset last night, and have now finished one of the elephants - except for the back stitch!

You can't quite see all of it because I have turned the aida cloth on the scroll frame. I mostly need to do backstitch around the legs, ear, trunk and tusks. But that will have to wait until I've done part of the next elephant - at least to the point where there is at least one stitch beside all the areas for backstitch.

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