December 31, 2014

2014 Wrap-Up

Here we are at the end of the year.

It hasn't been as big a year for crafting as some years, but if you look back at what I've been doing you will find some chunks of time have been spent doing a little of this and that.

My main crafts for 2014 have been Card Making, Cross Stitch, Crochet and Sewing.

African Sunset is now at about 85% complete. There is just one more elephant, a little more background and some back stitch to do.

I'm really ready to be finished this. It has taken a lot longer than I anticipated, but the end is in sight.


My final card for the year was a birthday card for one of my sisters.

It is a Lucy Cromwell d├ęcoupage design. This photo doesn't quite give you an idea of the depth, but it made closing the envelope difficult.


Progress has also been made on my Crochet Rug. In fact, I think it will have to be called a blanket instead of a rug because it has gotten so big. Sorry I haven't got any photos.
I'm on my last ball of blue wool and then I will be edging it in maroon wool.

It's very large and very warm (surprising for something with so many holes in it).
I won't be working on it until the weather cools down again - probably in April or May. It's just too hot to work on during late spring, summer and early autumn.


So there you have it. 2014 is done.

There are plans for cards in 2015; hopefully both African Sunset and my Crochet Blanket will be completed and I will be able to move onto new projects. There is sure to be some sewing in there too, as another Kid's Camp is fast approaching and I am in need of a costume or two.

See you next year.
And Happy Crafting!

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