March 4, 2009

Comfort Quilt Square

So I guess you're wondering what this is and why I haven't got an update on 'Sweetheart's Gate'.

Well, one of the ladies in my Bible study group lost her son in the Black Saturday bushfires, so we are making her a comfort quilt as a way of support and letting her know we care.

Each of us were given a square of calico and were able to decorate it how we chose, making sure that we left at least an inch all around for stitching up. We have to include our name and a Bible verse as well as any other decorating that we do.

We did a similar thing last year when our Bible study leader was leaving - hers was made into a bag, and the squares were much smaller.

I found this pattern in a cross stitch book that I have and decided that it would be perfect.

I did change one of the colours - the yellow of the heart. I thought the original was too brown.

The stitching is actually in the top left corner of the square and I will be writing the Bible verse using a fabric pen because it would be too hard to stitch.

If you're wondering how I got the stitches so neat, I used waste cloth. I didn't get to try the new soluble one (see an earlier post), just the normal one that Mum had available. There were a lot of half crosses in the design so I had to be very careful not to pierce the waste cloth. If I had it would have been very hard to pull it out without damaging my stitching.


Leon Basin said...

That looks really good. How are you doing?

Beth said...

Photo of my finished square to come soon - when I can transfer it from camera to computer. I'm also trying to get a photo of my progress on Sweetheart's gate taken, but the light hasn't been right and I've been too busy.

Lhassa said...

Très fin et très beau