May 15, 2009

Sweetheart's Gate

It's finished!

I put in the final backstitch stitches last night.

There is one tiny thing that I'm disappointed about, but it's the pattern, not my stitching that is at fault.

This one took me 6 months to complete. I started it on 15th November 2008 and finished on 14th May 2009. Much faster than the last one.

I haven't got a photo yet, but I'll do that as soon as I can and update this post.

Of course this adds to the growing pile of finished work to be framed. If I could just find a good picture framer in my area ...

I've also decided what my next one will be - Butterfly Profusion.

I was reluctant to do another Dimensions kit, however I have had this one waiting for a long time, a gift from my parents a few birthdays or Christmases ago (I'm not sure which, it's been that long).

This kit has printed aida cloth, however the stitching is all counted.

It also has a new tecnique for me - blending filament. I'm still figuring out how it will work. I think it's supposed to add a glittery sheen to some areas of the stitching. I'll fill you in as I go.

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