August 9, 2009

Where Have I Been? you ask.

Yes, I have been stitching.

No, I don't have photos.

No, I haven't been blogging (at least not here - try my other blog).

I have finally framed and fully finished Beach Tranquility.

I'm very happy with it and currently have it sitting on the bookshelf (er, one of them) in my room. I need to get a 'plate stand' for it to go on because it can't be hung on the wall. The way it is framed doesn't allow for a picture hook.

I've also been working on the Tiny Stockings for this year's Christmas Tree Decorations (see my last post). So far I have 3 stitched. For the 4th one I am almost up to the backstitch. After that I have 5 to go.
I've decided to stitch them all and then make them up into the stockings. I'll get a bit of a production line going, I think.

As far as other projects go I have once again changed my mind as to how I'm going to make the patchwork doona cover that I have been planning for the past 11 or so years. I am actually going back to an idea I had near the beginning of a crazy quilt. It will work with what I have already done so far, which is have a backing peice with a cross stitch sampler in the middle.

Then there is the doona cover that I'm going to make to match my new curtains. I got some curtains in the 'As Is' section of Ikea - 2 sets in fact. One I'll be using a curtains, the other I will make into a doona cover.

Hmm ... what else is there. Well, some cross stitches that I will give as gifts need to be started, and I still haven't put the butterfly applique on the sheets I purchased (see an older post). My templates are still in a box that has not been unpacked since we moved.
With all my books now on the shelves, I realised that I don't have room to put my craft supplies on there like I'd planned, so I have to decide what to do, especially with all my scrapbooking papers and cardstock.

So that's where I'm at right now.

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