July 22, 2010

The Stars Are Out

So this is my latest card!
Once again my cardmaking supplies seemed to explode all over my bedroom (which is where I construct these masterpieces).

I'm guessing you're all wondering what I used for the gold star chain. Actually, brads! Instead of pushing the metal pins through the card, I bent them out flat, then curled the ends over to form a ring. I put a split ring (like those used in jewellery making) between the stars and then one at each end. The ends are secured to the card using jewel brads and the middle star had some adhesive foam to keep the chain in shape.

The row of stars at the bottom is an ink stamp, actually using white ink. The words in the middle are also stamped, but I went over the white ink with a white gel pen.

The inside of the card and the envelope are made from white paper with yellow polka dots.

This is for a friend's 21st.

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