August 18, 2010

Bright and Cheery Craft for a Gloomy Day

Today is a very gloomy, grey day! It's cloudy, raining and freezing cold.

I needed to do some craft, but didn't feel like doing any of the projects that I have on the go. So this is what I ended up doing.

It's a felty! A dahlia. I just needed something bright and cheerful, and something that I knew I could finish. I guess I needed a sense of accomplishment.

A friend gave me the kit, so I didn't choose the colours, but I love it anyway. You don't quite get just how bright it is from this photo.

I've got 2 others that I will do at some stage. One is a sparrow, the other and owl.


So, I should probably also update you on what else I'm doing. My crochet rug is coming along well. I've now finished the first 2 rounds of maroon and started on the first ball of purple. I love the way the maroon just breaks things up and adds a bit of brightness between the blue and purple. And 1 round just wasn't enough. It needed 2.


I've also been making some cards.

Here are a couple of them.

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Jane's Stampin Studio said...

Love your cards, just gorgeous :)