September 17, 2010

Too Much!!

I'm convinced I have too many projects on the go, and too many potential projects competing for mental space and to be done.
Let me tell you what I've got and then you can decide.
  • Crochet Rug - 2 balls of blue, 1 ball of purple and 4 rounds of maroon complete
  • The Lighthouse Quilt/Embroidery - 75% done (or maybe a little more), once complete to be incorporated into a quilted doona cover
  • African Sunset Cross Stitch - 5% (or maybe a little more done - needs to be completed buy August 2011)
  • Felt Brooches (photo not yet loaded on my computer; people who see them think I should be making more and selling them; I have some of my own designs that I would like to try)
  • Doona Cover - I have the fabric (it matches my curtains), I just need to cut and sew
  • Hair Towel - one of those turban things (I've made 1 but I need a 2nd one)
  • Alter new Jeans - I have to put elastic in the waist and that requires hand sewing because of the belt loops (I really need a good thimble)
  • Finish off the latchhook rug that my sister did for me (the edges need binding - and yes, I have the stuff to do it with)
  • Headbands - I have the fabric to make and they would literally take 10 minutes or maybe 15 - and that's for 2, if I just had the sewing machine out
  • Drawstring Bag - to go in the Operation Christmas Child shoe box (needed before next month)
  • Clown Outfit - needs to be completed before Term 4 starts
  • Cardmaking - I have new stamps that I'm dying to use, plus some ideas I want to try

So that's my list - so far! I'm sure I've forgotten something.

Then there is the interior design course that I'm doing, plus planning for next year - like applying for study at TAFE.

I just need block time to concentrate on this and not get destracted by, well, my computer, which I'm on now when I really, really should be in bed.

So what do you think?

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